What is a HAAG Roof Inspection?

Roof inspections requires expertise. Homeowners can climb a ladder, peer around searching for obvious damage, but few know enough to recognize other signs that indicate problems.

Roofs installed by a reputable roofing contractor are normally warrantied for workmanship for five years free of charge, but maintenance is essential to detect damage.

Almost all roof problems are due to damage, not because of faulty roofing materials, so your manufacturer’s warranty does not protect you.

Scheduled maintenance detects damage so it can be repaired promptly. Maintenance is what keeps a roof in service longer, so it saves you money. Studies show that a properly maintained roof will last about twice as long as one not maintained.

The Advantage of a HAAG Roof Inspection

A HAAG certified roof inspection relies on the expertise of a professional who knows roofing materials, construction and installation techniques as well as code requirements for the Greater Atlanta area. Their training includes ways to recognize hail, wind and mechanical damage as well as the proper methods needed to repair the damage. Their in-depth knowledge allows them to identify whether a problem means a new roof or a simple repair.

All inspectors sent out by The Roof Clinic are HAAG trained and certified to ensure you receive a thorough inspection of your roof.  A HAAG roof inspector knows what it takes to keep your roof well-maintained so it lasts as long as the manufacturer intended.

The Roof Clinic offers a free roof analysis to check the current state of your roof. They also offer a one-time roof tune-up to address random issues as well as annual roof maintenance plans to catch and repair problems. This includes removing debris, repairing nail pops and securing loose shingles as well as maintaining ventilation, chimney and valley seals, all common areas of concern.

The cost of a roof maintenance plan offsets the thousands of dollars you could spend in damages for unplanned emergency expenditures or a complete roof replacement. Contact The Roof Clinic today for your free analysis.

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