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How Do You Know It’s Time to Replace Your Siding?

There are a handful of reasons that your home’s siding might need to be replaced, from visible rotting, cracking or warping, to high heating or cooling bills, to peeling interior paint or wallpaper. The Roof Clinic examines your home’s siding as part of our inspection process and offers an array of siding choices should it need to be replaced.

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Vinyl siding is a common and affordable siding option made from PVC. It is long lasting, low maintenance and highly versatile.

Hardieplank siding is a brand of fiber cement siding that comes in a variety of styles. This type of siding is strong and stylish.

Fiber cement siding is made from sand, cement and cellulose. It is often styled to imitate clapboard and shingles and is a stronger alternative to wooden siding.

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