Why You Need a Roofing Contract!

When you are ready to commit to a company to handle your roofing project a roofing contract is essential. The Greater Atlanta area often sees an influx of fly-by-night roofing contractors after a storm and even though they may offer low prices, you have little to fall back on should something go wrong.

They seldom offer a contract and if they do they aren’t around if you have problems. This is why it is important you research the company, choose locally and insist on everything in writing.

Protect Your Investment

When you focus on the project and neglect the roofing contract you are open to the potential risks such as poor workmanship, incorrect materials, work left incomplete and missed deadlines.

A well-drafted contract by a local firm protects you. It defines materials, responsibilities, costs, and deadlines. Without its protection, you could end up paying more than you should or receive less than what you paid for.

Your new roof is a major investment and when installed properly it will last many years. As with any other large investment, you will want to take care of the details so you know exactly what to expect.

Reputable roofing companies offer a detailed quote first. They include expenses for labor, ventilation, flashing, roof decking, underlayment and of course the roofing material itself. If you like what is in the quote, the roofing contract follows.

What Does a Roofing Contract Contain

The roofing contract includes all the information that was in your quote as well as an exact price and an installation date. It will also outline the payment details, warranty and follow-up details. A good Greater Atlanta roofing contractor offers a five-year installation warranty with repairs at no cost to you. The roofing contractor should also offer 24/7 emergency service.

The Roof Clinic offers detailed quotes, contracts, and inspections by a certified HAAG roofing inspector upon completion. Choose locally and get what you paid for. You will have the means to resolve issues quickly and at no cost should they ever come up. Otherwise, your ‘inexpensive’  roofing job could end up costing more.

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