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Protect Your Most Valuable Investment with our Local Roof Maintenance Program for Duluth and Metro Atlanta Residents & Businesses.

A Roof Maintenance Tune-Up can help save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs and high insurance deductibles.

Having routine maintenance performed each year is essential to maximize the life-span of your roof. During the summer, your roof takes a beating from heat and UV rays, which break down the composition of roofing components that repel water. It is during these hot summer months that most damage occurs to underlayment, roof tars and penetration seals.

When the rain and cold weather come, it can lead to costly leaks, mold and other expensive home repairs. Most leaky roofs can be repaired but if left on-going they can create excessive damage.

We recommend an annual roof tune-up, consisting of a complete evaluation and roof cleaning. Our roof tune-up includes an inspection of your roofing material, workmanship, pipes, penetrations rooftop equipment, and all metal flashings, all of which may affect the life of your roof. In addition, we also clean your roof surface and gutters, while sealing necessary areas.

If we see anything that needs repair in the process, we will provide a free estimate at the end of the appointment.

Roof Maintenance Tune-Up

Located in Duluth, Georgia, The Roof Clinic services all of Gwinnett County and the Metro Atlanta area!

Residential & Commercial Packages available for One-Time Roof Tune-Ups and Yearly On-going Services

Pricing varies depending on the roof height and steepness.

Every Maintenance Plan requires a No Obligation Property Evaluation to assess the needs of the roofing system – Give Us a call to schedule accordingly.

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