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The Roof Clinic’s competent, dependable and experienced employees keep your commercial roofing project on time and on budget while delivering the utmost in quality service.

TPO (thermoplastic olefin) is the option to consider if you are interested in a single ply roofing system for your business. It is energy efficient and just a much more efficient alternative to any PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) roofing, but significantly less costly. In addition to its high resistance to debris build-up, TPO’s flexible membrane allows it to withstand punctures, tears, and impact damage.

When it comes to extending the life of a roof, there is no roofing system that is better than the Silicone Roof Coating System, which can extend your roof up to 20 years.

It is the most natural wood looking roofing product available. Synthetic Shake and Tile allow for the classic wood beauty look without the constant maintenance and headaches inherent in natural wood. Given it’s lightweight surface support won’t be necessary for the roof installation. Synthetic roofing is strong enough to withstand falling debris, walking and nearly any kind of high impact.

The Roof Clinic team possesses the necessary experience, skills and tools to carry out your commercial roof replacement project. We pride ourselves on working efficiently and clearly communicating with our customers to ensure their needs are met.

Whether your repair is large or small The Roof Clinic is fully equipped to handling all your commercial roofing repair needs smoothly, seamlessly, on time and on budget. We specialize in single ply membrane roof leaks, ponding water, clogged drains, scuppers, copping and flashing around all roof top penetrations.

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