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Synthetic Shake and Tile Roofing System

A unique and custom crafted synthetic shake using real cedar shake as a template to create an intricate texture that appears to be natural. An environmentally-friendly alternative to natural slate that captures the traditional beauty by replicating the look of natural hand-split cedar shakes at a fraction of the cost.

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Usage & History

EcoStar was established in 1993 to meet the need for a recycled synthetic alternative to natural shake roofing. A durable, environmentally friendly roof that provides unique architectural appeal.

Why Synthetic Shake and Tile?

  • No maintenance is required.

  • Designed to conserve natural resources.

  • Mold and Algae resistant – Durable against extreme weather conditions rain, hail, wind, snow, extreme temperature change, & UV Rays from the sun.

  • 50 year manufacturer warranty.

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