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Lawrenceville Roofing Company in Lawrenceville, GA

Need a roofing company in Lawrenceville? You’ve picked the right company. We service the Lawrenceville zip codes 30043, 30046, and 30049. We take care of all of your roof replacement, roof repair, and new roof installation needs. We also help you determine if you need a roof replacement or repair.

Do you know whether you need a roof replacement or roof repair on your Lawrenceville building? Although roof repairs are typically less expensive, they may not be what your building needs. We offer free inspections from our HAAG-certified roofing inspectors, who provide honest evaluations.

Roofing Company in Lawrenceville, GA

Because Lawrenceville has many roofing companies to choose from, we believe in treating all our customers like family. Lawrenceville has some of the best homes and roofs around, so it’s extremely important that you hire a qualified Lawrenceville roofing contractor to meet your roof replacement and roof repair needs.

The Roof Clinic has completed numerous roofing jobs in the Lawrenceville area. We have the experience and skill to help you with your roofing needs. A few of Lawrenceville’s most popular roofing applications are shingle, slate, and metal roofing. We have completed roof repairs in Lawrenceville such as flashing repairs, roof leaks, pipe boot sealing, and more.

Roof Replacement in Lawrenceville, GA

Browse through our gallery of recent Lawrenceville roof replacements! You’ll notice a big difference in Before and After. That’s because we only hire HAAG-certified roofers so customers can receive expert advice and services. We have completed numerous roof replacements with asphalt shingles as well as architectural shingles in Lawrenceville. Our most popular roofing material is asphalt shingle.

Roof Repair in Lawrenceville, GA

Scroll down to the bottom of this page and see some of our recently completed Lawrenceville roof repairs. However, this is just a small selection of the many jobs we’ve done in Lawrenceville. We would love to assist you with your roofing needs, whether they are chimney flashing repairs or roof leaks. Call today to schedule a free estimate from one of our HAAG-certified inspectors!

Lawrenceville Roofing Materials

  • Asphalt Shingles: Lawrenceville roofers use this material the most often. However, you can select several types of asphalt shingles. Check out the other type of roofing we offer before selecting the material for your building.
  • Architectural Shingles: Stylish and durable, architectural shingles do a superb job at protecting your home from the elements, and they provide an aesthetically pleasing dimensional look to your roof.

Featured Roofing Projects

Why select the Roof Clinic for your Lawrenceville roofing project?

The Roof Clinic is committed to the belief that all our customers are like family. We believe that your residential and commercial roofing should be in good hands. That is why we offer a risk-free, no-cost inspection by one of our HAAG-certified inspectors. Our roofers are also professionally trained to process cases through Xactimate. Major insurance companies use this software to process estimates, and so do we. With this highly rated, accurate estimation software, we can guarantee you the best coverage possible. Call to schedule your free inspection today!

Our Services in Lawrenceville, GA

We provide superior service for both residential and commercial roofing in Lawrenceville, GA. Our HAAG-certified and Xactimate-trained roofers always provide excellent evaluations and roofing work.

Take a look at our services for residential and commercial roofing:

  • Nail pops repair
    If you notice a raised shingle, it’s likely the result of a nail pop. This issue is easily remedied by replacing the loose nails and sealing the shingle down.
  • Rotted decking repair
    Rotted decking under roof shingles can lead to interior mold and leaks. The Roof Clinic repairs rotted decking by installing a plywood patch.
  • Emergency tarp
    When severe weather damages your roof, we install an emergency tarp until your insurance claim is complete.
  • Chimney flashing repair
    When the metal pieces around your chimney become leaky, we replace them to prevent future leaks and damage.
  • Plumbing boot repair
    The metal flashing or rubber gaskets surrounding your plumbing boots typically deteriorate in three to five years. The Roof Clinic restores these plumbing boots, preventing interior water damage.
  • Ventilation repair
    Improper ventilation can destroy a roof from the inside out. The Roof Clinic offers vent repair and replacement to prevent future damage to your home.
  • Roofing valley repair
    The roofing valley is where two planes of a roof come together. We ensure roofing valleys are properly sealed and unsusceptible to leaks.
  • Shingle repair
    Shingles are your roof’s first line of defense from the elements, and The Roof Clinic makes sure they stay in excellent shape.
  • Resealing penetration areas
    Over time, due to weather, expansion and contraction, the seals around the bases, low profile vents and HVAC stacks deteriorate. The Roof Clinic can reseal these areas.

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The Roof Clinic values customer trust, above all. Hence, we make sure to provide superior quality services to all our customers, regardless of the size of the project. We give every job undivided attention as we would our own home.

We’re serious about coming up with a comprehensive inspection report. We use this as a tool to educate our customers and get the project done efficiently.

We use Xactimate for our reports. Also used by insurance companies, this reliable estimation software gives you the best coverage possible for your roof repair needs.

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We provide our customers in Lawrenceville GA with unbeatable service quality. When you call us for a roof repairs, we send in a HAAG-certified roofer to first inspect your roofing system.

Do you feel your roof needs a repair? Are you looking to replace your roof but are unsure which materials to choose? Are you worried about leaks or storm damages?

The Roof Clinic not only provides all types of roofing services, but we also offer customers an exceptional warranty program. We also provide roof financing options.

So before you think that roof repairs are costly, get one of our roofing experts on your way.

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Clients’ Testimonials

Eric and the Roof Clinic did an amazing job replacing the roof on our home. I cannot thank them enough for the professionalism and outstanding communication throughout the project.
I highly recommend them! 5 Stars!!!

“Honesty, Professionalism and Integrity is what this company is about. Eric and his team knows the business and owns their work. I called Eric for the name of a gutter cleaner for my steep roof. He offered to do it himself! My kind of guy. If you need a replacement or repair, The Roof Clinic is a business that can be trusted.”

“The Roof Clinic replaced my storm damaged roof yesterday. I have no complaints. From the initial assessment, to dealing with my insurance company, to installing the roof, Eric and his team were on top of it every step of the way. I highly recommend this company.”

“We had hail. We called Roof Clinic & Allstate (which always likes to deny). In fact if not for Eric Thomas they would have denied as they were not even gonna get on the roof. He fixed that and got my adjuster ON THE ROOF. We got a new roof. This company is top notch.”

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