3 Reasons You Should Talk To A Roofing Contractor Before You File A Claim

A good roofing contractor doesn’t just fix roofs. They are experts in their field and adept at assessing damage. Here are three reasons why you should consider contacting a roofing contractor before you file a claim.

Not All Damage Is Major

Just because you have issues with your roof, doesn’t mean the concerns are substantial enough to file a claim. A thorough roofer offers reasonably priced roof maintenance plans and repairs. Check the deductible on your policy and talk to a HAAG Certified, licensed and insured roofing contractor in your area. Many times all a roof needs is a few shingles replaced or flashing repaired and the cost minimal.

Claims Affect Premiums

Any claim, big or small, affects your premiums. Naturally you bought homeowners insurance to offset costs associated with any needed repairs or replacements to your home on covered losses, but if your insurer sees multiple claims on your policy they can decide to non-renew your policy or at minimum increase premiums. This is particularly true for homes with water damage as there may be additional damage because of mold and mildew later on. Many insurance companies lower premiums for clients who are claim-free too.

Discuss what is needed with a knowledgeable roofing contractor who is comfortable with the overall claims process. If repairs are near or below the amount of the deductible on your policy, consider paying for the work yourself to maintain good stature with your insurance carrier. Often times calling about your policy can promote questions on your account and initiate a need for insurers to inspect your home to ensure upkeep requirements which you do not want.

Preferred Vendors Make Claims Simpler

Most major insurance companies have guidelines they follow and they rely on a list of preferred vendors for work. While you are not required to use them, the process is in place and claims move along quickly. If you talk to a preferred vendor first, they will examine and estimate the damage for you. After that, it is just a matter of getting authorization from the insurer. You pay the deductible and authorize the insurance company to pay the roofing contractor. Service providers guarantee their workmanship for a minimum of 5 years too.

The Roof Clinic is a preferred vendor with many insurance carriers for the Greater Atlanta area. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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