5 Reasons to Choose a Preferred Roofing Contractor

When you file an insurance claim for your roof with your insurance company they may suggest a preferred roofing contractor. You are not required to use them, but many benefits exist if you decide to do so. Here are five reasons why a preferred roofing contractor is an excellent choice.


Contractors recommended by insurance companies depend on their referrals and want to ensure that both the customer and the insurance company are happy with their work. Insurance companies are less likely to recommend a contractor if customers complain about poor workmanship or poor business practices.

Proven Performance

Preferred roofing contractors have a track record for providing good value, delivering what they promise and having the equipment, training and expertise to do the work properly and consistently. A lengthy history working with insurance companies indicates the roofing contractor is stable and capable of serving customers well.

Established Protocols

A preferred roofing contractor knows what insurance companies require which streamlines operations and can speed up the claims process. You reduce the chances of missing important paperwork vital to the claim’s process. Preferred contractors know the process and how to complete the insurance company’s paperwork properly.

Adherence to Policies

Each insurance company has their own policies regarding the claim’s process. A preferred contractor knows the needs of various insurers so the insurance company processes your claim easily. Complete quotes are submitted to the insurance company once you agree to work with the preferred contractor. The contractor handles everything from that point onwards.

Peace of Mind

Working with a preferred contractor means you can stop worrying and focus on your life. The price in your contract is what you pay and the contract spells out all the details of the work. You can rest assured that your insurance company knows the preferred contractor and it is a legitimate business.


The Roof Clinic is an independent preferred roofing contractor in the Greater Atlanta area. You can rely on us for all your roofing needs. We offer a 5-year installation warranty and 24/7 emergency service.

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