3 Things to Do for Roof Damage

Major storms and roof damage are very common in the Greater Atlanta area. Hail and the wind leave obvious and less telling signs that your roof needs attention. If your home was hit by a storm and there is obvious roofing damage, here are three things you should do to protect your home.

1. Prevent Water Damage

If wind or hail has torn shingles off your roof or damaged them severely you may have water coming into your home. It is important to tarp the roof as quickly as possible to prevent water damage.

Insurance companies often request this until they are able to come out and inspect the damage and if they cover the claim they will reimburse you the cost of any emergency services.

A good roofing contractor has an emergency service crew who may be able to fix the leak immediately or lay tarps to protect your home until repairs can be done. You need to protect the structure of your home. Undetected water damage can lead to mold, mildew and it promotes fungi that can lead to dry rot.

2. Have Your Roof Inspected

Before you file a claim, talk to your local roofing contractor and arrange for a roof inspection. Roofing damage isn’t always apparent, but a certified HAAG roof inspector knows what to look for.

Good roofing contractors offer free leak inspections and a detailed analysis of your home’s roof. They indicate the areas and roofing damage and make recommendations for the work needed to repair or replace your roof. Some work may not warrant a claim which may increase your premiums.

3. File a Claim for Roof Damage

Major roofing damage will mean you need to file an insurance claim. When you choose a roofing contractor it is beneficial if they are in your insurance companies preferred contractor program.

These trusted companies know the insurance companies policies and procedures and can speed up the claims process. You avoid any problems like missing information or incorrect forms because they know exactly what the insurance company requires. Once the contractor completes a detailed written estimate it is just a matter of getting your approval to submit it to the insurance company.


If your home has roofing damage, contact The Roof Clinic. We are a HAAG certified preferred contractor for the Greater Atlanta area and provide work with a 5-year warranty.

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