Why You Need a HAAG Certified Roofing Inspector

A HAAG certified roofing inspector trains to inspect for damage and correctly evaluates the extent of the damage. A HAAG certified inspector has skills and knowledge other inspectors don’t. Their reports are in-depth and reliable as they use science-based techniques and research supported methods to access the damage.

A HAAG certified roofing inspector understands different types of roofs and roofing materials and how hail and the wind interact with roofing. They understand the implications of damage to all types of roofing material including asphalt and wood shingles, concrete and clay tiles, fiber cement, slate, and metal.

They also know the applicable codes for your area, understand installation and maintenance techniques, and can estimate repair costs for hail and wind damage. They can also differentiate damage from conditions caused by other factors such as rot, vermin and mechanical issues.

What does all this mean for you, the homeowner?

HAAG certification ensures your home’s roofing problems are found so they are corrected. Whether it is a manufacturing issue, problems with the original installation, storm damage or other issues, their reports pinpoint problems and save your home from further damage. Certification includes past inspection of a minimum of 100 residential (steep-slope) roofs, so HAAG roof inspectors are highly-experienced professionals.

Roof inspectors can reliably access whether your roof needs repair or replacement too. Many roof repairs do not require an insurance claim as they are below the amount of your deductible. Avoiding claims for minor work makes sense as frequent claims affect your premiums. A quality inspector assesses the problems and lets you know what you need instead of trying to sell you a new roof when that isn’t what you need.

Roof inspection is also a great way to maintain your home and keep expenses down. A HAAG certified roofing inspector spots small problems before they become expensive ones. If you are proactive about the state of your roof it could save you thousands of dollars. An inspection every few years is preferable to shelling out big bucks for something left unattended.

In the Greater Atlanta area, The Roof Clinic is your source for HAAG certified roof inspections. We offer a free leak detection and roof analysis and qualified personnel for all your roofing needs.

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