Roofing maintenance is an important factor when it comes to protecting your home or the investment that has been made to get that home in the first place. So many people are lacking basic knowledge on roof maintenance. Basic roof maintenance knowledge is critical to assist with understanding ideal repair or replacement options.

Hiring a HAAG certified roofing expert who can exhibit their work product places you in the best position. After choosing a suitable contractor roof maintenance plans should be discussed to protect your investment.

Is it better to repair or replace? 

Repair or replacement varies on whether the condition of a roof is good enough to withstand a few more repairs or is it too weak to undergo any further changes and needs replacement. Only a roofer can guide an owner on which is better to choose from the two options. When it comes to making a decision, it is all up to the owner. If a roof has gone through repair several times and is several years old, then the only wise choice is to go with replacing it with a new roof. This may cost a little more than the repairing process, but will bring back valuable returns.

The type of material being used: 

The overall cost depends upon the quality of the material being used and to what extent the process of replacement or repairing is being done. There are varieties of materials that can be used, based on the budget planned by an owner— from the most expensive metal roofs to the least expensive asphalt shingles. Metal roofs be costly, but it’s advantages can outweigh the same because it is made up of a mixture of certain metals.  This roof is the most energy efficient, can resist moisture, does not cost much when it comes to maintenance, is considerably lightweight, and it is fireproof in nature.

Hiring a suitable roofing professional:

The perfect maintenance of a roof cannot happen if the choice of the professional roofer turns out to be wrong. Hence, it becomes an extremely important factor even before one starts planning the maintenance. The market is saturated with roofing companies, therefore, choosing the best one becomes difficult. Compare roofers by reviewing their insurance, online reviews and overall work quality versus the cheapest price. There is truth to the saying “You get what you pay for.”  The Roof clinic provides annual roof tune-ups, which involves the yearly inspection of the roof, all roofing material needed such as pipe boots, nails shingles etc.  are provided at no additional cost. We offer a routine cleaning as well as repair service to our clients and complete a FREE roof analysis reflecting any roofing cost you may have.  If you have not already please look into a roof maintenance plan for your beautiful home today!

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