The Hazards of DIY Roofing

In this digital age, where “How To” videos are abundant and easily accessible, it is easy to fall into the mindset of, “I got this.” While it is true that you can occasionally save yourself some money by repairing or maintaining something on your own, it is also a path that can lead to some serious and more expensive problems. Here are some questions that may make you think twice before going forward with a DIY roof fix.

Is Your Problem Really That Small?

So, you noticed a leak and a Google search for DIY repair found a nice little video showing how to fix it yourself? You patch it and the leak is gone and forgotten. What you may not have noticed was the rot that happened to the surrounding area, which is now either growing mold or weakening the structural integrity of your roof. Next thing you know, that small leak has turned into a huge problem and is now a giant money pit. Unless you are a professional and know what warning signs to look out for, you may only be putting a band-aid on a broken leg.

Can You Handle the Risk of Injury?

It may not look like it at first glance, but your roof can be a very dangerous place. First off, a roof is of course pretty high off the ground and a fall from such heights is likely to cause serious injury. Second, the area around which you are fixing could have unknown damage and may give way from the extra weight caused by you and any materials or tools you are using. Step in the wrong place and you may find yourself with an unintentional skylight. Finally, roofs are riddled with hazards: they have steep pitches, they can have loose tiles or shingles, the material on shingles could be loose and slippery, and/or there could be slippery spots in general, all of which can cause imbalance and falls. In an effort to avoid a roof repair bill, you added some unnecessary hospital bills, injuries, and probably a more expensive roof repair bill.

Is Your Work Guaranteed?

You may have fixed your problem; however, can you guarantee that your work is safe and up to code? A professional installer can (or at least should be able to). At The Roof Clinic, our work is guaranteed for 5 to 10 years (depending on the roof) and we provide a lifetime warranty on material defects. Check out our Warranty Page for more information.

Is it Really Worth the Hassle?

You are probably very busy with work, family, or other responsibilities. Do you really have the adequate amount of time to properly repair your roof on your own? Do you want to spend your well-deserved free-time laboring in the elements? Do you want to bet the safety of your home, loved ones, and/or property on your own unskilled hands? If you answered “No” to any or all of those questions, it is probably not worth it to try the fix on your own.

Some Final Thoughts

A quick and dirty 10-minute DIY video has nothing on a contractor with years of experience under their belt. Before you think about going it on your own (which we strongly advise against), seriously consider having a professional at least inspect your roof for underlying issues to make sure that you do not make your problem worse than it has to be.

Remember, a DIY fix is not always the best bang for your buck. Contact us today discuss your options. We would love to help you with whatever problem you may be facing. Whatever your roofing needs, we have you covered!

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