Do Metal Roofs Need Maintenance?

Metal roofs are an excellent, long-lasting option for buildings however they can also give owners a false sense of security. Just because they’re metal, it doesn’t mean they’re indestructible.

All roofs require maintenance and regular inspections are the ideal method to confirm roof integrity. Inspectors check for signs of distress caused by movement and damage from the elements. Panels can shift, fasteners can loosen, and seals, gaskets, and surface coatings can fail especially in areas susceptible to hail and high winds. Scratches from debris can also expose the steel sheet which can lead to corrosion.

Metal expands and contracts, so some movement is inevitable. Exposed gaskets deteriorate from constant exposure to heat, cold, and water. Sealants normally do not last more than 20 years, at best.

If you want your metal roof to perform as expected, you also need to ensure water flows off the roof properly. Even a metal roof cannot protect a building with clogged gutters or drains.

A HAAG certified roof inspector understands metal roofs and their unique features. They can perform scheduled roof maintenance to detect and correct problems as they arise, instead of hoping the roof remains intact.

Roof maintenance includes clearing debris from the roof, gutters, downspouts and drain boxes. They will also carefully inspect highly-susceptible areas around heat and air vents, skylights, and chimneys where sealants or flashings often fail. A qualified roof inspector also examines fasteners and panels for damage, replaces degraded fasteners, and refinishes scratched paint. They will also carefully inspect under the ridge caps and transition areas such as end walls and roof valleys.

Buildings with exposed fasteners can cause major issues if left uninspected. This system often uses neoprene washers for a snug seal. They can harden and crack over time or break if installed incorrectly.

In the Greater Atlanta area, contact The Roof Clinic to discuss your roof repair needs. We use HAAG certified roof inspectors and have the expertise to perform scheduled roof maintenance and repairs on your building’s metal roof. Metal roofs are a cost-effective choice when combined with a thorough maintenance program.

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