Always Inspect the Roof Before Moving into Your New Home

This post was kindly written by Bellhops Moving Company.

For most people, moving into a new home can be both a worrisome yet exciting experience, all at the same time! While there’s a lot to look forward to, from decorating your rooms just the way you like them, to getting to know a new community, there are also plenty of concerns to think about too. For instance, if you’re moving to a new city, you might not know anyone nearby, or you might be concerned about opportunities for work.

However, one of the things that many homeowners forget to think about when they’re planning on moving to a new house, is how healthy the roof is on their new property. As your ultimate form of protection against the elements, the importance of this feature really can’t be overlooked. So, how do you make sure that you’re moving into a home with a reliable roof?

Examine the Attic or Ceiling

If your new property has an attic, then the first thing you should do is grab a ladder and search the space for any signs of moisture or rot. If you notice wet patches or damp spots, then ask the seller to explain why they’re there. If they can’t give a reasonable answer, then you might need to call a roofing company and ask them to come and look on your behalf.

Signs of damp around the ceiling could just be an indication that the roof needs some basic maintenance, but you should know for sure how intensive the damage is before you make the decision to move in.

Examine the Tiles and Shingles

You might have trouble doing this alone if you don’t happen to have a large ladder that you can take with you to every home viewing. However, if you’re genuinely considering moving into a property, you should always ask a professional to look at the state of the tiles before you sign anything. This can instantly let you know whether your roof is likely to last for the next couple of decades, or cave in at any moment.

A full examination will put your mind at ease, by ensuring that you’re not only making a good investment but keeping your family safe too. This is particularly important if you’re moving to a city with a lot of unpredictable weather.

Always Call the Professionals

Even if you’ve carefully inspected almost every part of your potential new home yourself and you haven’t seen any obvious signs of damage, it might be worth reaching out to a professional roofing team who can come and evaluate the structure of the property for you. After all, these experts can pinpoint signs of damage that you may never notice yourself.

Keep in mind that even a small amount of damp could lead to mold, which can in turn lead to respiratory infections and illness for your family. A professional inspection by The Roof Clinic out of Atlanta, Georgia will help to make sure that you’re paying the right price for the property and mean that you don’t instantly have to pay for a repair just a few months after you’ve moved in. A homebuyer report should give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. 

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