3 Signs of Roof Damage by Hail

Roof damage by hail is not unusual in the Greater Atlanta area. In the past decade, 115 hail storms pummeled rooftops of Atlanta homes.

Some damage is obvious, but many times homeowners underestimate the power of Mother Nature and what she can do to their roof.

Here are three telltale signs that your roof needs professional attention.

1. Mineral Granule Loss

The granules in an asphalt shingle will come away when struck by hail. You may see these granules on the ground around your home and in eavestroughs. A severe hailstorm damages the shingle and exposes the black substrate below as seen in the image. However, the damage isn’t always this obvious.

Dents from hail aren’t always completely visible, but there can still be roof damage. It takes a trained eye to spot a “bruised” shingle that compromises your roof integrity. Much depends on the substrate below the shingle. A strong decking beneath the shingles does not flex as much under the strain of a hail storm which can lessen roof damage.

The quality of your roof material also affects the level of damage. Shingle ratings start at Class 1, the least hail resistant, up to Class 4, the most resistant.

2. Dents in Soft Metal

Vents, gutters, flashing around chimneys and skylights, as well as the cooling fins of an exterior air conditioning unit, are often the most obvious places to see roof damage from hail. The telltale dents are obvious, but many homeowners ignore a few dings because they believe the roof damage is minor. However, the dents in soft metals are often a sign that other parts of your roof need attention too. Weakened or broken shingles can leak and cause water damage to your home. If left unchecked, it can also threaten the integrity of the roof structure.

3. Cracked, Missing or Broken Shingles

Signs of serious roof damage include broken shingle edges and missing or cracked shingles. If the damage is very severe, the asphalt underlayment can fracture. When this happens moisture can freely enter your home and cause serious damage to the roof deck, support structure, and interior walls.


Insurance companies have strict time limits on submitting claims after hailstorms, so even if you can’t see any signs of roof damage by hail, you should still get a roof inspection.

A HAAG certified inspector knows what to look for and can spot damage that an untrained eye may not see. This can save you thousands of dollars down the road if the damage goes undetected and you’re too late to file a claim. In the Greater Atlanta area, The Roof Clinic offers a free professional roof analysis. Contact us to keep your roof in top shape which can possibly save you money.

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