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Tips for Home Sellers on Exterior Repairs That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

We all know first impressions count. That’s why they say you never get a second chance to make one.

When your home is for sale, it needs to make a great first impression, and that happens the second potential buyers pull up to the driveway– before anyone even sees your gourmet kitchen. So if you want to sell a house fast in Atlanta, start by focusing on the condition of the exterior of your house.

Many sellers wonder about repair vs replacement, and good repairs will often be enough to increase your home’s value. But let’s look at the priorities in getting an exterior ready to attract buyers.

The Roof

If the roof is on its last legs, if its leaking or a storm has damaged its structural integrity, you do need to deal with replacement. It’s a big item that matters to buyers.

A leaky roof in bad condition could kill a deal. Buyers don’t want to take on an expensive project where there could be more damage than meets the eye. Replace it before you put the house on the market. A new roof is like a gold star on your For Sale sign.

If you can’t budget for a whole replacement, offer to contribute to the cost in the contract. Buyers might work with that, knowing they don’t have to take it on alone. If you have a roofer you’ve worked with and trust already, they’ll have even more confidence in this plan.

But don’t replace the whole roof if it’s not necessary. If clearing off the moss and just replacing torn or missing shingles will leave you with a roof in good condition, do only that. Consult a pro if you have questions on how much work really needs to be done. Some storm damage just needs surface repair work, not replacement.

Smaller, But Important, Areas

The “big visual” of a roof in good repair has big impact outside, but smaller details also add some value to your home. Repair or spruce up the following areas:

  • Clean out gutters and repair any that are bent or cracked.
  • Any roof decor, especially on older homes, such as finials or railings, should be upright and in good repair, with no pieces missing.
  • Prune trees to be healthy and safe near the roof, so that no obviously dead limbs hang over, and so you’ve minimized the chance of roof storm damage from falling trees.
  • There should be no missing bricks in the chimney, and it should be well-caulked.
  • Although not visible, make sure attics and crawlspaces under the roof are in good repair and accessible.

If you have any questions about what and how much to do to add value to your home, Atlanta real estate agents are an expert resource. With experience in what buyers want and knowledge of the local market, your agent can advise you on the exterior repairs that will help get that SOLD sign up.

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