Maintaining your rooftop is critical to the overall longevity of your home and the protection of the interior contents. You should always conduct regular roof storm damage checkups. Maintenance of your rooftop ensures that your home will remain strong and withstand all the harsh weather conditions that prevail over the year. One thing to understand is that your roof expands and contracts with every change in the weather. This is one reason that there is always a possibility of cracks developing and the damaging of shingles. Any damage to your rooftop provides an opportunity for leakage and water damage. This might also lead pests and bacterial colonization. If you neglect your roof the lifespan will shorten. You should be well aware of the fact that maintaining is much more economical than replacement.

A proper Roof Storm Damage Inspection (3 areas)

Repairing all nail pops and securing loose shingles:

When you inspect your roof, you might spot a popped up nail which will look like a wrinkle in your shingles. It usually occurs in the middle of the front edge of a shingle. If the nail is not anchored properly in the wood, it can be vulnerable to movement with the seasonal expansion and contraction of wood. It is also affected by the change in moisture levels. If such problem is spotted then you should contact a professional roofer immediately.

Ventilation & Penetration Seals:

Professional roofers also help in maintaining the roof by making it a fire resistant one, as they are breached by plastic pipes. Pipe wraps are used to protect the pipes and combustible insulation is used for metal and plastic pipes.

Skylight Seals:

First, a thorough inspection is done to find the source of leakage in the skylight.This often occurs in cold climates, usually in damp locations like bathrooms, kitchens, and greenhouses. We seal the gaps or holes with roofing cement which stops further leakage in the skylight. Application of 100% silicone tube is also done to stop the leaks. If the leakage persists then metal flashing the frame of the skylight is recommended to stop the leakage permanently.

The Roof Clinic takes the full responsibility for your rooftop storm damage inspection. We focus on being thorough as well as walking each client through the entire process. A roof is a substantial investment and it is important that you understand and are comfortable during the process.  Give us a call and request your FREE roof evaluation today.

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