Does Your Roof Have Hail Damage?

According to the Federal Alliance of Safe Homes, hail causes more than $1.6 billion in roof damage each year. Damage from hailstorms isn’t always evident, but it can cause expensive problems such as water damage, if left unattended.

Just because you do not see any problems, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. You need a qualified inspector to examine your roof. They have the training to spot bruised or weakened shingles and they know the best ways to correct damage or wear.

Even a new roof with a manufacturer’s warranty does not protect you from hail damage. A manufacturer’s warranty only covers faulty materials and only if you can prove you maintain your roof. Manufacturer warranties actually exclude hail in their product warranty, as do home builders and roofing contractors.

In reality, the only way to determine your best course of action is by getting the facts. If a hailstorm hit your area, you’ll need to know precisely how much damage occurred and where. Sometimes repairs are sufficient, but not always.

If your home has an older roof, hail could cause it to fail. Even new roofs can develop leaks you may not detect for years. Insurance companies access whether damage to the roof is recent and the degree of damage by looking at bruising, dents in soft materials such as vents, exhaust caps, and flashings, granule loss, split wood, and fracturing of the underlayment. A HAAG certified inspection report provides all this information and more.

Contact The Roof Clinic for a roof assessment before you speak to your insurance company. We’ve navigated the claims process many times and know what insurance companies need and expect. We provide a free estimate and expert advice to determine whether repair or replacement is your best bet. We use industry certified HAAG inspectors who have the training and expertise to advise what suits your home.

You pay for coverage and you should use it when necessary. Don’t presume your home’s roof survived intact. Get a roof inspection. If you’re worried about increased increase premiums, remember insurance companies could raise everyone’s rates after a major hailstorm. If you do not claim you’re essentially paying for everyone else’s repairs and not your own. Get the facts from a professional.

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