How to Avoid a Roofing Scam

Be a wise homeowner. Keep these pointers in mind to avoid a roofing scam.

Never Pay Up Front

Legitimate roofing contractors do not ask for money up front. A reputable contractor offers multiple payment methods and usually has a payment plan too. If you are asked to pay a significant amount of the job or all of it up front, it is probably a roofing scam. They may also pressure you to buy as it is a “limited time offer”.

Always expect to pay your deductible

If the roofer is offering to cover the cost of your deductible – RUN FAST! This practice is illegal – See House Bill 423. And equally important if they are not charging you the cost of your deductible you can expect they are covering the cost of your quality of materials and workmanship. This means that they are cutting cost by selecting lower grade materials than you selected or using fewer materials than you need to properly complete your roof install. Never take this deal it could cost you dearly.

Investigate the Company

One of the most evident signs of roofing scams is that the business is seldom local and cannot offer legitimate contact information or references. Scam artists don’t want to check out their workmanship or reputation. On the other hand, a reputable roofing contractor will gladly provide references from happy customers in your area.

Ask for references and talk to past clients. If the contractor makes excuses and will not provide names and telephone numbers, it’s probably a roofing scam. You should be able to find the company if you search for their telephone number or their website. They should appear with the Better Business Bureau, even if they aren’t a member.

Get a Written Estimate & Contract

Reputable roofing contractors provide detailed written estimates and contracts. A sure sign of a roofing scam is a vague or non-existent contract to describe the details of the materials to be used, the work you can expect and the costs.

Good roofing companies provide free estimates and very detailed information. They want you to know exactly what you are getting. The documents offer work dates, types of materials, specifics on the work to be done, your warranty on materials and labor and a breakdown of all costs.


The Roof Clinic offers superior workmanship, a free roof inspection and detailed written documentation on all work in the Greater Atlanta area. You can contact us here or by phone at (770)239-1640. Choose a professional and avoid a roofing scam.

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