Atlanta Roof Leak Inspections Skirt Disaster

Roof leak inspections protect your home, but finding leaks isn’t a simple process for homeowners. It can be time-consuming and frustrating because the origin of the leak seldom originates where you see the signs of water damage.

If you do not know what you are doing it may take several tries to find it, if you find it at all. Meanwhile, water continues to cause damage.

Most times, problems with your roof appear as a water spot on the ceiling or wall or you find a puddle on the floor. However, water evaporates and serious problems may only leave a faint mark once they dry.

You may not notice them for weeks or months and by that time mold or mildew may set in. Remedying mold and mildew takes time and is very costly too. Fortunately, reputable roofing contractors offer free leak inspections to pinpoint the areas where water enters your home.

Identifying roof leaks requires a proven, strategic approach. The inspector may need to access the attic to inspect the underside of the roof deck. Once they locate the point where water enters the interior, they can calculate where the water traveled. It may be many feet since water flows downhill and along joists.

A HAAG certified roofing inspector has the training and experience you need. They check seams and flashings in and around the leak’s location and look for obvious problems such as missing or broken shingles and a damaged membrane. However, many problems aren’t apparent to the untrained eye. Without a thorough inspection, these problems would remain and cause additional issues.

Of course, the ideal situation is to maintain your roof through regularly scheduled maintenance. It prolongs your roof’s life and reduces the odds of leaks and expensive repairs. Nonetheless, storms can damage any roof.

If you notice signs of a leak in your Greater Atlanta home, contact The Roof Clinic. We offer expert advice and repairs and an emergency tarp service, if necessary. Our HAAG certified roofing inspector knows the precise method appropriate for the damage, because they know roofing materials and roof structures. We can also develop a maintenance plan to suit your needs and budget.

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