5 Reasons to Choose a Local Roofing Company

A local roofing company offers many benefits over those who come from afar whenever a storm hits the Greater Atlanta area.

People are often tempted by what may seem like rock-bottom prices, but fail to consider the implications of using a contractor from outside the Atlanta area.

Here are 5 reasons to choose a local roofing company instead.

1. Their Reputation Matters

Companies that chase storms and promise to fix your damaged roof for cheap do not care what happens after the sale. Even if you do not like their workmanship and lodge a complaint, they are in one place and you’re in another.

On the other hand, a local company depends on their reputation for future business and works hard to satisfy customers. Otherwise, the likelihood of getting new customers drops quickly. Word travels quickly in the local community and reputation matters.

2. They Know the Challenges of the Area

The Greater Atlanta area has challenges unique to our region. Local contractors know the weather patterns, the types of damage it can cause and the hidden issues that need to be addressed such as unnoticed water issues. They know when a repair is most appropriate, rather than always trying to sell you a new roof.

3. A Balance of Quality & Value

While the prices of fly-by-night roofers may seem attractive, you also have no guarantee you will get the quality you deserve. A local roofing company must provide a good product to preserve their reputation, you are more likely to get more for your money. A job done poorly will cost you more money in the long run as your roof will need repairs or replacement before it should.

4. Local Roofing Contractors are Available

Even if a roofing company from outside of Greater Atlanta gives you a guarantee on their workmanship, will they be there for you if something goes wrong? How long will it take them to get to your home if there’s water pouring in or even dripping? The additional damage could cost you thousands of extra dollars, but a local roofing company could be there in minutes.

5. They Are Part of the Community

The company is part of the community. They employee people, pay taxes and care about where they live and work. They offer flexibility, passion and keep money in the community. They promote integrity and independence through quality growth and are eager to please and stand by their work. They know suppliers and other reputable contractors in the area. They have strong connections with insurance companies to make the claims process run smoothly and quickly.

When you need to repair or replace your roof, ensure it is done right. Choose a reputable roofing contractor with the right qualifications. A local business like The Roof Clinic works hard to provide a superior product at a very reasonable price. With HAAG certified roof inspectors and the latest in techniques and technologies you never have to worry about inadequate workmanship. We guarantee our workmanship for 5 years at no cost to you. We also provide a FREE leak detection and roof analysis to any homeowner or commercial business seeking a better understanding of their roof state.

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