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The Roof Clinic provides only the highest quality when it comes to roofing repairs in the Alpharetta GA area. Anywhere from simple roof repairs to the most intricate, the experts at the Roof Clinic can do it. Our top priority is happy customers who trust us and can feel rest assured. We build up this relationship starting with a free inspection of your roof. Above all else, we believe in thorough communication with our customers to complete all roof repairs. We also service all over Atlanta, including Duluth, Buford, DunwoodyCumming, Roswell, Norcross, Lawrenceville, Suwanee, Hamilton Mill, and Dacula.

Our Roofers are HAAG certified and professionally trained to process cases through Xactimate. They are great listeners to the concerns of our customers, which gives our customers the opportunity to make the right choice for their roof repair needs in Alpharetta GA.

Roof Repair Problems To Watch For:

Nail Pops

Nail pops can cause shingles to become raised and damaged. Get the loose nails replaced to push the shingle back in place, and the job is done.

Rotted Decking

Unfortunately, decking can begin to rot under roof shingles and cause mold and leaks in the interior. Get The Roof Clinic to repair the issue with a plywood patch. Good as new!

Emergency Tarp

When the weather gets so severe that it causes damage to your roof, get us to install emergency tarp temporarily to get you through your insurance claim completion.

Chimney Flashing Repair

If you’ve got a leaking chimney, you have a potentially bad issue on your hands. We will replace the metal pieces on and around the chimney to stop the leaks.

Plumbing Boot Repair

The metal or rubber gasket pieces around your plumbing boots break down within three and five years. Prevent damage to your interior by calling The Roof Clinic.


Problems with ventilation of the home can cause serious damage to your roof. Look into repair and replacement of your vents with The Roof Clinic.

Roofing Valleys

Roofing valleys are the points in which the two sides of your roof connect. Make sure these points are sealed appropriately to stop leaks.

Shingle Repair

The shingles on your roof protect your home from the weather. Ensure they are in tip-top shape throughout the seasons of a year.

Resealing Penetration Areas

There are several areas of your home to maintain a proper seal over the course of a year. These areas include low lying vents and HVAC stacks. Ask us how to keep these areas sealed!

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The Roof Clinic believes in providing the highest quality workmanship to its customers. When given the time to evaluate your roof, we give it all of our attention. This way we ensure that we deliver a full inspection report so that we can do our job properly and effectively.

The Roof Clinic is extremely familiar with the Alpharetta GA area. In recent years, an accelerated number of Xactimate reports have been completed for residential and commercial roofs alike. Xactimate is used by major insurance companies, and we too, use this software. With this highly rated, accurate estimation software, we can guarantee you the best coverage possible in Alpharetta GA. Get the estimate you need for roof repair, roof replacement, and more from The Roof Clinic.

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The Roof Clinic’s ultimate mission is to provide service that is above and beyond the standards of their Alpharetta GA competition. One way to achieve this goal is by sending a roofing inspector your way who is HAAG-certified in both residential roofing and commercial roofing. Are you interested in getting a roof tune-up? Do you need help in understanding the best roofing materials available to you? Our roofing experts are here to assist. The Roof Clinic also offers an exceptional warranty program and roof financing options. 

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“Honesty, Professionalism and Integrity is what this company is about. Eric and his team knows the business and owns their work. I called Eric for the name of a gutter cleaner for my steep roof. He offered to do it himself! My kind of guy. If you need a replacement or repair, The Roof Clinic is a business that can be trusted.”

–André Sully

“The Roof Clinic replaced my storm damaged roof yesterday. I have no complaints. From the initial assessment, to dealing with my insurance company, to installing the roof, Eric and his team were on top of it every step of the way. I highly recommend this company. ”

– Tracy Carlson Sadowski

“We had hail. We called Roof Clinic & Allstate (which always likes to deny). In fact if not for Eric Thomas they would have denied as they were not even gonna get on the roof. He fixed that and got my adjuster ON THE ROOF. We got a new roof. This company is top notch.”

– Terrence Spires

“We recently had Gene from The Roof Clinic take care of an issue the past owner of our home neglected to tell us about and repaired poorly and not by professionals. My wife and I were explained to us exactly what the issue was and walked us through everything that had to be done. Gene went above and beyond to take care of us and we are thrilled with the results. They arrived on time and completed their work in the estimated time. They also did a bang-up job cleaning up for us. Extremely professional company we would recommend to anyone and also will continue to use in the future as needed. These guys are the real deal! Thank you very much Roof Clinic!”

–Justin Taylor

“Fast response, super friendly. Owner/Inspector Eric Thomas puts the customer first. I received excellent advice throughout the entire process. This company showed up when they said they would, and they did a fantastic job on the day. The installers were prompt, fast and efficient. Did an expert job at repair and installation. My new roof is so beautiful. I am one EXTREMELY satisfied customer - I feel fortunate that I was guided to contact The Roof Clinic. Six stars out of five! ******”

– Terri Taylor Tattan

“Great company, great owner. Honest and faith based.”

– Emanuel Williams

“There is no one else worth recommending. I appreciate the great customer service, and the kind disposition. THANK YOU ROOF CLINIC FOR ALL THAT YOU DO...”

– Deana White

“If you are searching for some good quality work you found the right [place]!! They do some AWESOME WORK!!!”

– Angie Lylas

“Awesome service, flawless installation, very professional!”

– Tanya Murphy

“"This company is owned by a guy who went above and beyond to correct my first impression of his company. Eric, the owner, contacted me directly. He set up an appointment to personally assess my roof. He came out the day after Thanksgiving, on a day that most people are home with their families. Eric took his time reviewing my problem. He went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable about doing business with his company. I would definitely recommend him and use his company for any future roofing needs.” ”

–Karen A.

“I had a small roof leak but one that required immediate attention. After scheduling a consult with ease Eric showed up a few days later to assess the issue and provide a quote. On the service date Eric and his crew arrived promptly. After a quick greeting everyone was fast to work. Once the job was finished Eric went over what was completed and provided additional insight on how the issue originated. I was pleased with the service and would reach out again.”

–Justyn H.

“I am usually a shopper. I want the best, but I am willing to do my due diligence to make sure I am getting the best deal for my money. When my husband and I decided to have improvements done to our roof I had comprised a list of 5 roofers from which to get estimates, Roof Clinic being the first. After my initial meeting with Mr. Eric, the owner of the company, I felt very well informed about roofs, what our roof needed and that he and his guys were the ones to get the job done! I shocked myself (and my hubby) when I decided not to call the other roofers for estimates or anything else. I am so happy that we went with the Roof Clinic. Upon making our decision to go with The Roof Clinic, Miss Tomeka called me, explained again the schedule, what to expect and assured me that if we needed ANYTHING at all she was available to help. The whole process was seamless, transparent and went very smoothly. We love our new roof and would definitely refer anyone to check them out too! P.S. They also offer financing which was a BIG plus...”

–Vonetta C.

“The Roof Clinic, specifically Eric was extremely helpful in helping to assess and fix a leak in my roof. I called The Roof Clinic after my daughter and I noticed a leak in the foyer area of my home during the last storm here in the Atlanta-Metro Area. I imagine they received an onslaught of calls after that last storm, however they responded with a prompt return call and were able to schedule an estimate/consultation quickly. Eric arrived on time, was courteous, explained his experience with roofing and what he was going to assessing today. He inspected both the interior and exterior of the roof (not just visually from afar but got up on the roof) and found the problem right away. Luckily, there was no major damage and he was able to fix the minor problem on the spot (and did not price gauge me in doing so). I am very satisfied with the service I received and am now happy that I know of roofer with great prices and costumer service for any future roofing needs.”

–Chamara J.

“Eric and his guys did a great job on my roof. I wouldn't trust anyone else. For all size jobs, The Roof Clinic does an amazing job. Honest, fair priced, great customer service!”

–Adam Drake

“I needed a new roof and began asking for referrals from family and friends. After receiving five estimates, I decided to trust my better judgment and use The Roof Clinic. Eric Thomas and his crew were punctual, finished their work timely, cleaned up the area and was professional. I would highly recommend this company for services.”

–D. Harris

“The Roof Clinic is an honest and reliable company. Eric was professional and courteous throughout the entire process. I would recommend the Roof Clinic to anyone.”

–Tracy S.

“Eric was professional and did an excellent job repairing and roofing our home. He was on time, kept his word, stayed in contact to assure our satisfaction and followed up to ensure the work was to our liking! You can't beat that kind of service!!”

–Marie Singleton

“I used The Roof Clinic to replace a roof damaged by hail. The team was efficient, pointed out what the problems were with the old roof and how they will go about fixing it and what needed to be done to get the claim through the insurance company. Once the project started, they did everything they said they are going to do - no hassles. I happily endorse this company.”

–Walter Leicher

“Excellent customer service appeal. Knowledgeable and looked out for the customer. Made rational decisions that supported defining requirement that represented cost savings and time. Quality of work was excellent and took no time, no issues and on time!! I will be using them again when I do a complete roof replacement within the next few years. They are on my list defining top quality care and workmanship!!!”

–Pam Watson

“All I could say is... If you need any work done on your roof and looking for an honest company with experienced/knowledgeable staff that delivers excellent results, then you owe it to yourself to call The Roof Clinic. I had 2 different roofing companies to come out for the roof inspection that I set up with my insurance company. Each time the roofer didn't seem to be working on my behalf to get the insurance company to agree to pay for a full roof replacement. They didn't even go on the roof with the inspector, they just accepted whatever the inspector said he saw and each time the ins company bought different sections but not a complete roof replacement. I called The Roof Clinic and Eric showed up for the 3rd re-inspection. He mounted the roof with the ins company's inspector and was able to point out damage that the inspector missed. Needless to say, my insurance company gave me a check that same day for my entire roof replacement. 3 days later Eric's roofing crew showed up early in the morning and by 3:00pm I had a beautiful new (entire) roof with no debris left behind to indicate that my roof was just replaced. Honesty and Excellence is important to me and that's all that I got from The Roof Clinic.”

–Nigel J.

“I have to join the chorus of Roof Clinic boosters. They professionally and efficiently installed my roof to my satisfaction. I had roofer phobia due to horrible experiences in the past but based on recommendations that Eric was the right choice I took a chance and couldn't be more pleased. They were timely, cleanly and restored whatever they touched.”

–Anita B.

“The roof clinic was top notch with replacing my roof. From the initial consult until completion I received nothing but A++ service! Eric is the best around!!”

–Felicia T.

“Honest company to deal with. After looking in my attic and on my roof, Eric advised me to save a few hundred dollars and do the very easy repairs myself. He was right. $10 and 10 minutes of effort, and I saved hundreds of dollars that a couple of other companies had quoted before he came out to look. Based on that experience, if I have any problems in the future I will definitely give Eric a call to come and look.”

–J. H.

“From start to finish a great experience. Eric took the time to come by, explain the process, the options, and what he recommended. The roof was installed and the house/yard was left very clean. I did have one gutter that was bent a bit in the process, so I emailed Eric and it was corrected within the week. I would definitely recommend this business.”

–Leigh B.

“I am so thankful for the roof clinic. With all the heavy raining that has been going on in Atlanta recently my roof all of a sudden started leaking during the time when I was having surgery. . I called the roof clinic and they came out within two days to do an evaluation (which actually is free without any gimmicks). They quoted me a price that was more affordable than I expected and they fixed the issue in no time. Not only did they fix my leaking roof they also did a full assessment and gave me advice on my roofing concerns. I like the fact that this company was honest, professional, and they even checked on me a week later to make sure I was having no issues. I will definitely use their services in the future when I decide to do a full roof repair.”

–Gabrielle J.

“I've had a lot of experience with roofing companies in the past couple years. The Roof Clinic is seated right at the top with one other company. Eric is very professional and easy to work with. When he visited my house he made the experience simple and pleasurable. Eric did nearly all of the communication with my insurance company. I thought that my roof would not get approved through my homeowners insurance but since Eric dealt with them I was able to get a new roof. Their office manager Tomeka is extremely organized and was readily available for any questions that I had. I highly recommend this company to anyone that needs a roof.”

–Jimmy C.

“After calling other roofers who would come by in 3 or 4 days, i found the Roof Clinic. the lady in the office, Tomeka told me to take a picture and send it to the phone number of her contractor. when I called back to tell her i did she had already set up an appointment for me the next day, she was VERY friendly and professional. the next morning (Saturday) Eric came by. checked everything out and gave me all my options, reasons and prices. never tried to sell me on one. told me to think about it and call back. if you ever need roof work PLEASE call these people. they are VERY friendly, professional, and HONEST about what they do. Would give them 6 stars if I could. ”

–Mike M.

“I cannot say enough good things about The Roof Clinic. My 79 year old mom had some damage to her roof and significant wood rot (40 year old house). To top everything off, a storm came through and took down part of her gutter, blocking the driveway. I called the Roof Clinic for an estimate to get the house repaired. Eric came out, was completely honest with my mom, explained everything so she understood and left her with the estimate. Before he left though, he took the time out of his schedule to clear the gutter out of the driveway so she could get her car out of the carport and didn't ask for a dime. We did let The Roof Clinic do the work and they did a great job. Explaining to my mom every step they were doing and even checking on her while they were on the job site. At the end of the day, the job was done for the amount of money in the contract and done very well (there was no pressure to pay more or up-charging for unneeded work). In the world of roof contractors, this is one company you can completely trust.”

–Chris M.

“Eric and the team did a great job, no issues and got the job completed in a timely manner during tough weather during the winter.”

–David S.

“The Roof Clinic provided and estimate that was quick and put on a roof that was efficient and reasonably priced. We got a few other estimates but we were impressed with Eric from the start. Our roof was a medium sized roof. They started while I was leaving for work in the morning and they were finished by the time I arrived home. They left no trace that a roof was just put on except for our beautiful new roof! Tomeka followed up with us the next week to make sure we were satisfied. Well, we couldn't be happier and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them! Definitely a five-star business!”

–Christine H.